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A word from our DEI Chair, Elica Danesh

As the DEI chair within PBL, I've witnessed the remarkable impact our brothers have had in nurturing our organization's DEI initiatives. Through the regular hosting of cultural events and observations, they've cultivated a sense of inclusivity within our community that is truly exceptional. Personally, I've enjoyed the opportunity to delve into the diverse backgrounds of our members, each eager to share their experiences and educate our brotherhood on various cultural topics.


Moreover, the strong presence of DEI within PBL allows our new members to be immediately involved in an educational experience that allows them to grow their own skills while learning and working with a diverse group of talented individuals. Working closely with members from different backgrounds, majors, and skill sets has been profoundly influential for me personally. This aspect of our organization has facilitated my learning from a range of talented individuals and broadened my understanding of various business careers and majors, enriched by the diversity of skills I am surrounded with.

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