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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

BOMBANANA Hot Sauce came to life in 2019 with the help of PBL brothers Kevin Bhattacharyya and Jonny Moss along with their two roommates. When the BOMBA Team created their original sauce with bananas and chilis, they realized it was “too good not to share.” Since then, the Team branched out from family and friends to establish an LLC, partner with a manufacturer, organize cross-country shipping operations, and put their sauce in select grocers across the Midwest and East Coast. Plus, BOMBANANA was featured in Craft Hot Sauce’s June subscription box (check out their story here: Even with their success, the BOMBA Team remains grounded and commits itself to sustainability by using glass bottles, boxes made of recycled material, an eco-friendly substitute for plastic bubble wrap, and plant-derived tape, ensuring that their entire hot sauce supply chain is as environmentally friendly as possible. Finally, in terms of their sauce, take it from Jonny himself, “Spoiler alert: everything works with our hot sauce.”

When it comes to their story, Jonny and Kevin credit PBL with their mindset. As Kevin puts it, “If there’s something you want to do you should just go and do it” and Jonny’s view that “entrepreneurship sees no age; it sees passion, dedication, and drive.” These Class of 2020 graduates stress the value of each person’s network and urge others to seek out relationships and advice in order to continue learning because “no one knows everything.” In fact, the network within the PBL brotherhood has been crucial to helping their start up with special thanks to Karl Tavadia for his photography and marketing efforts, Felipe Zwanzger for his shipping assistance, and Anna Lear for their name and emphasis on community. More than that, PBL as a whole serves as an amazing support system for BOMBANANA, making PBL purchases that much more meaningful. While the COVID-19 pandemic put strains on their official launch, shipping channels, and marketing campaigns, the Team finds joy in experimenting with cooking, collaborating with one another, and seeing the love for the sauce that will surely help BOMBA Nation reach new heights in the future as Kevin and Jonny will stay devoted to BOMBANANA Hot Sauce while working at Donyati.

Instagram: @bomba_nation


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