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Low Maintenance

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

With the time and resources to pursue his dream of starting a brand, rising junior and former Apparel Chair Jonathan Kaner established Low Maintenance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It began when Jonathan recognized that a good name for a company lays a good foundation. He soon capitalized on the sense of relaxation found in “Low Maintenance”, paving the way for the clothing’s “loungewear meets streetwear” concept. Jonathan also wanted to incorporate the idea of reflecting positivity, which he took literally with the iconic square of holographic foil marking each piece.

Furthermore, Jonathan and the other team members know that a successful brand is more than just a product, but a community. Thinking like this inspired a company staple known as “couch content”. This ongoing series of snapshots is dedicated to everyone in quarantine, people who are not only looking for clothing to suit their new lifestyle, but also a way to feel like they’re part of something bigger… minus the pressure of leaving their couches.

Aside from the big picture behind Low Maintenance, getting the company off the ground wasn’t easy. This journey includes Jonathan and his team completely self-funding the clothes along with seeking out the highest quality materials possible as opposed to the highest quantity. Jonathan has learned just how hard it is to get from an idea to a product and just how much the real world affects day to day business, such as the struggles with manufacturers and shipping rates caused by the virus. In the future, he sees influencers getting involved with the brand as well as introducing some sort of physical experience such as a pop up to expand his clothing to the general public.

While Low Maintenance hasn’t reached its full potential yet, Jonathan cites PBL in helping him grow his brand. Above all, he credits PBL’s teachings in business etiquette and networking to his company’s achievements as these lessons allow him to sell anything, whether it be his product or himself. This entrepreneur advises others not to take short cuts because “it’s a lot more fun to do it the right way and see your final product be exactly the way you envisioned it and have people appreciate your product.”

Keep an eye out for more Low Maintenance sweatshirts soon and possibly even t-shirts, shorts, and sweatpants one day! PBL has a feeling this small brand will do big things…



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